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Transition Extreme's High Ropes Course

A fantastic and memorable family day out awaits those up for an adventure! 

TX Trekking

Accessed by the main tower; participants are attached to an overhead trolley at the beginning of the trekking course and remain attached for the duration until they have returned to the tower. Along the course participants will have to conquer several challenging elements to complete the course.

Extreme Drop

When attached to the Powerfan Fan drop participants will step off from the 13 metre high tower descending to the ground in a 'Parachute' styled descent to a controlled landing.

Zip Wire

Descend to the ground over 75 metres on our Zip Wire. Starting from the top of the tower you will pass by the Aerial Trekking and Dirt Jumps to the end of the wire where you will lower to the ground.

Developmental Fun Course

Jacobs Ladder

Get connected to the rope and race to the top of the horizontal beams which is not as simple as it sounds!

Gladiator Challenge

Compete with your team mates to ascend the poles, tyres and nets to the top of the Gladiator challenge. Who will be first to stand on the top?

Crate Stack Challenge

Whilst connected to a rope participants can attempt to make the highest crate tower they can. If things don't go to plan and the tower collapses don't worry you're in safe hands.

High All Aboard

Whether you take on the timed challenge or not you'll have to ascend the 'Power Pole' (whilst attached to a rope) to reach the High All Aboard platform where you can squeeze on the beam with your mates; who can stay on the longest?

Leap of Faith

Just like the High All Aboard you will ascend the 'Power Pole' (roped) to the platform where you then jump (with a team mate if you want) to grab onto the Trapeze bar. If it looks too easy; the instructor can move it further away. If you don't reach it you'll be lowered to the ground.