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Photograph of one of our indoor activites

Curriculum for Excellence Pilot Success!

Transition Extreme and University of Aberdeen, teamed up from November 2011 to March 2012 to collaborate on a pilot project involving 2 primary schools, Kittybrewster andDSCN8686-w200 Mile End. The project was to observe how the activities and facilities Transition has to offer could be used to address the learning outcomes and experiences for the Curriculum for Excellence.

The pilot was a tremendous success, with pupils, teachers and parents overwhelmed by the experiences they had gained. Pupils from the Mile End school shared their appreciation with Transition by ‘producing Extreme Art’ pieces that reflected their experience at the facilities.

The pupils’ class teacher, Chrisitine Beard, and creativity teacher, Marlene Grayson, shared “we wanted the class to reflect on how the experience developed the four capacities: be a successful learner, a responsible citizen, an effective contributor, and a confident individual.

They further explained that “The art pieces were meant to also challenge the children to think out of the box” and “the children worked together, building on each other’s strengths and abilities as artists to design and create each board. Everyone had something to contribute regardless of their artistic abilities.

Pupils explained how their art piece reflected their experience at the facilities. Julia stated “We wanted the 3D climbing wall and skate ramp with a tunnel because it shows what Transition Extreme is all about, trying new things and overcoming fears, you know, Be Strong!

Other pupils also commented on their brilliant experience “I’ve learnt to do something new and to push myself to try new things”, Finlay.

“by trying skateboarding you become a stronger more confident person”, Lochlann.

“Through transition extreme I learned you can do anything if you put your mind to it”, Iona.

The art pieces were named in relation to their experience and the core values they had learned; Be Strong, Transition Extreme Go For It, Strength and Speed, Break Out of Your Shell and Do This, Do Anything.

Transition Extreme would like to thank Mile End primary school, the teachers and pupils that created these wonderful and spectacular art pieces. They will be displayed around the facilities, so keep a look out when you’re next in!