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Photograph of our skatepark

Transition Extreme Skatepark

Transition Extreme Skatepark or TX, as it’s known by the locals, is Aberdeen’s very own plywood paradise, providing the North East with an unbeatable space for skateboarding, BMXing and inline skating. 

Built in 2007 the park's design was the brainchild of local skateboarder and skatepark builder Andy Dobson who, alongside Dave Partridge from Carve Skatepark Design and with the input of local skaters and BMXers has created a world class, challenging layout based on the flow of outdoor concrete parks. Amongst the outstanding features of the park are the Bowl, flowing from a 5.5ft shallow end dropping to a 9.5ft deep section and the "Elbowed" miniramp which stretches 60ft and bowls out to an oververt cradle.

Beginners will enjoy the 4ft micro ramp whilst experienced riders work out the endless lines and transfers which the park has to offer. Adding to this are a mix of different transitions, flatbanks, hips and rails to suit any ability.  Movable street-style obstacles are on-site to give a versatile mix between park and street that can be changed regularly.

Since opening, Transition Extreme has succeeded in putting the Aberdeen extreme sports scene on the map by putting on a mixed bag of events from local competitions and jams to hosting internationally renowned demos. This has made TX the premier choice for visiting professionals.

New to skating or BMXing? 

We offer a wide range of coaching opportunities and rental equipment to get you started. Our team of experienced riders hold sessions every week, passing their knowledge and skills onto the next generation of rippers from the complete rookie to the intermediate.  We also cater for private groups and birthday parties, giving a unique and exciting experience unmatched in the area.

As Transition grows and develops we strive to continue running on a skater based philosophy, giving you a relaxed and friendly environment. We also persist in providing the skateboarders, BMXers and Inline skaters of the North East with the facilities they deserve.